The Venik Trust  (Registered Charity Number 1063185)
In memoriam Dr. Judith Kingston. Dr. James Partridge.
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The Venik Trust has been working since 1997 to improve the lives of Russian children abandoned to orphanages.  Together with our Russian partner charity, MBOO Venik, we provide a house in St. Petersburg where children, formerly living in orphanages, live in a loving family environment.

THE VENIK FAMILY HOME - The objective has been to create a home in which children, formerly living in orphanages, could live in a loving family environment. The scale of the orphanage problem is huge and much too large for individual charities to accommodate all those affected. However, by operating the existing home, Venik aims to establish the conditions under which other such homes can be run, and hopefully demonstrate that love and individual attention can make a worthwhile improvement to these children’s lives. Finally, Venik hopes to set an example so that others can reassess the present system and follow Venik’s example if it is judged beneficial.

The Venik family home

in St. Petersburg

The Venik Trust

Registered Charity Number 1063185

Up Marden Farm, Chichester,

PO18 9JR, UK